Sunday, May 7, 2017

Download Propellerads Blackhat Script (Cronjob Version) Earn upto $50/days

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Hello guys.. today im gonna show you How To Earn Money Fast From Propellerads With Blackhat Script. this is a Blackhat Tricks, So if you dont like blackhat just leave this post.. :p

Propellerads Blackhat Script

To the Point, i can earn more than $50/day with a simple php file.. why simple? yah because you don't need so much traffic from your blog to earn a lot of money (Easy Money). I coded a script that can generate impressions and clicks to banner ads with php and Cronjob.

Why Cronjob?? yah , i like it because we don't need more vps to use it and every hosting provider have it, so you can use this script easilly by following the guide properly. If you know PHP, you can also use this script for other banner ads with a little modiffications. ;)

Script Features :

  1. Hidden Script - i've updated this script this month (Mei 2017)  and works fine till now
  2. Auto set userAgent,refferer,listener,cookies,etc . So this will make your traffic look organic
  3. You can set your earning per day - How many dollars per day is up to you.. but i recommend to not more than $50/day to keep this script works!!
  4. Don't need more vps - With Cronjob you can easilly generate upto 1M impressions per days
  5. AutoClick - The script can do click on banner ads

if you want to try this script, i suggest you to use new account . you can download the script and guide on the links below :

Download Propellerads Script HERE

Download How to Use Propellerads Script HERE

Okay guys,that's all for today.. thanks for reading Download Propellerads Blackhat Script (Cronjob Version) Earn upto $50/days . if you have a problem or questions just mention it on comments form. Bookmark this blog to get updated of new Blackhat script.


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