Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How to Make a Great Mopub Earning,With This Mopub Script!!

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MopubMopub.Online business program based intrenet mobile ads is a very good online business and of course earnings are also not inferior to admob. Mopub became one of the most suitable alternative to seek additional income on the internet. There are little tips on how to increase revenue in mopub.

How to increase your MOPUB earnings :
  • In addition you must have mopub script,Please download below mopub script,Of course you also must have an account that has been approved in mopub. 
  • Sign in the dashboard mopub -> then select Iventory -> Then drag the cursor down look in the Ad Source BreakDown section and click Mopub Demo Line then click PAUSE.Mopub
  • Display PUASE DEMO Mopub.

  • After you Pause, Continue with click MarketPlace -> Then Choose Creative Review and please Block your ads that earning small. view image

With the above methods proven potent and can increase your income in this online business mopub program.

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Envato Affiliate Money Maker v1.4.1 – Codecanyon

Envato Affiliate Money Maker lets you create your own money making website. It automatically add new products daily. When visitor clicks on any product from your website it automatically add your referral username and make it your affiliate link so you will get 30% on every users first deposit.

Monday, May 8, 2017

How To Instal Cemu 1.7.5 Crack And Speed Hack

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 Cemu 1.7.5 Crack And Speed Hack  Hello guys I will give this time and how to enable Crack 1.7.5 in the crack,I did it this way just for mental masturbation, since thats how you get better at RE, by pushing yourself in how you do things and what you do. I have zero interest in Cemu as a emulator, and people I know know how I feel about the Cemu team’s “ethics”.

Apparently someone on Discord tried Zelda and it works? All I did was boot the usual suspect MK8 to see if it runs.

Menu configuration PC
Dell inspiron 14
Processador: Intel Core i5-4210U 1.7 GHz Turbo Boost com 2.7 GHz
Cache: 3MB
Memória Ram: 8GB DDR3L 1600 MHz
Vídeo: NVIDIA GEFORCE 820M (2GB) 64bits

For those interested in this tool can download below :

Ok and thank you for the article How To Instal Cemu 1.7.5 Crack And Speed Hack  today may be useful.

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Download Blackhat Script AOL Method CPM

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 Script AOL Method CPM Hello guys, here I will give a trick about online business that is quite useful that AOL Method CPM Script, with this script may be useful for you who likes to do business online. Is it AOL?

Aol is an online business that you can consider. As we already know that AOL is owned by microsoft giant company and has various kinds of services such as hotmail email, skype and others.

Advantages of AOL Script:

*Script using PHP combination Json.
*Lightweight Script to reload.
*Not using hosting and domains.
*Safe and will not be detected by Aol system that uses BOT.
*And there are many features in it.

  Okay, now I will share it to you for free about download Script AOL Method CPM this below :

Okay, that's it for today about Download Blackhat Script AOL Method CPM.. do not hestitate to ask me if you get the problem .. and it would be nice if you share your results here on the comment form,
Hopefully useful for you online business.

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Blackhat Script MkMob And Earning Fast $100 Per Day

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MkMob Script Hallo guys this time i will talk about that can generate dollars up to 100 dollars per day, let's learn about usability of MkMob script.

 The rapid development of technology and the increasing number of publishers who want to feel the sweetness of the dollar in cyberspace make yourself required to compete in various fields. But in fact many of us who are lazy to learn and want to quickly feel the income in cyberspace. I always understands for your needs that now is not the time to learn but how to get dollars.

Lots of advantages our script superiority, either in getting dollars or something else. Our vision and mission is to find dollars without complicated, without understanding seo, without build website and without others. This time the I team made a new buzz how to get dollars from online business program mkmob.
Blackhat Script MkMob And Earning Fast $100 Per Day

Here are the advantages of our script:

  1. Script Light and fast.
  2. Show ads through your computer desktop screen.
  3. Script combination of HTML, JSON and JavaScript.
  4. Can Quick Earning.
  5. Complete Video Tutorial. (From list to approved and tips and tricks to avoid banned).
  6. And others
For those of you who want to download MkMob Scripts can be below:

Thank you for reading the article about Blackhat Script MkMob And Earning Fast $100 Per Day may be useful.

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How to Make Money Fast by using the Sovrn network script

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Sovrn network script - Sovrn is an advertiser network that currently has many publishers around the world. Sovrn is very potential to earn a considerable income when compared with google. If you are currently joining the sovrn network but are still confused how to get the generator here.I am is here to bring a solution for you who want to get results without complicated and certainly safe for your account.

Excellence sovrn script :

  • Manipulate data.
  • Scrabe domains have people even if you do not have a domain and hosting.
  • Intergrs via localhost.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Safe to earn earning.
  • And there are many advantages in it.
How to Make Money Fast by using the Sovrn network script

Okay,just below this I will give download link to get Sovrn network script.
Download below.

So last review about How to Make Money Fast by using the Sovrn network script  Hopefully this article can be your reference when looking for income in the world of internet marketing, just get here from me and wait for the other latest scripts.

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Download Propellerads Blackhat Script (Cronjob Version) Earn upto $50/days

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Hello guys.. today im gonna show you How To Earn Money Fast From Propellerads With Blackhat Script. this is a Blackhat Tricks, So if you dont like blackhat just leave this post.. :p

Propellerads Blackhat Script

To the Point, i can earn more than $50/day with a simple php file.. why simple? yah because you don't need so much traffic from your blog to earn a lot of money (Easy Money). I coded a script that can generate impressions and clicks to banner ads with php and Cronjob.

Why Cronjob?? yah , i like it because we don't need more vps to use it and every hosting provider have it, so you can use this script easilly by following the guide properly. If you know PHP, you can also use this script for other banner ads with a little modiffications. ;)

Script Features :

  1. Hidden Script - i've updated this script this month (Mei 2017)  and works fine till now
  2. Auto set userAgent,refferer,listener,cookies,etc . So this will make your traffic look organic
  3. You can set your earning per day - How many dollars per day is up to you.. but i recommend to not more than $50/day to keep this script works!!
  4. Don't need more vps - With Cronjob you can easilly generate upto 1M impressions per days
  5. AutoClick - The script can do click on banner ads

if you want to try this script, i suggest you to use new account . you can download the script and guide on the links below :

Download Propellerads Script HERE

Download How to Use Propellerads Script HERE

Okay guys,that's all for today.. thanks for reading Download Propellerads Blackhat Script (Cronjob Version) Earn upto $50/days . if you have a problem or questions just mention it on comments form. Bookmark this blog to get updated of new Blackhat script.
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Friday, October 7, 2016

BS super changer full ( Change Imei, Device ID , Mac address, Sim serial number, Sub id, and much more) on Bluestack

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BS Super changer full
( Change all information Bluestack)

  • BS Super Changer - The Software can change parameters of BlueStacks
  • Change GUID, Imei, Device ID , Mac Address, Sim serial number, Sub id
  • Change Android ID , Google Advertising ID , Android device & versionIMEI standardized international format 
  • Set country location ,Change Carrier Name ,Change Timezone 
  • Wipe data & Uninstall app , Clear Data
  • Change Size display , Set size device display model
  • Auto change SSH , Vip72
  • Change Web browser , User agent 
  • License Forever , unlimited

Unlimited License

    Download Here BS super changer full :

    How to use :

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