Friday, October 7, 2016

BS super changer full ( Change Imei, Device ID , Mac address, Sim serial number, Sub id, and much more) on Bluestack

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BS Super changer full
( Change all information Bluestack)

  • BS Super Changer - The Software can change parameters of BlueStacks
  • Change GUID, Imei, Device ID , Mac Address, Sim serial number, Sub id
  • Change Android ID , Google Advertising ID , Android device & versionIMEI standardized international format 
  • Set country location ,Change Carrier Name ,Change Timezone 
  • Wipe data & Uninstall app , Clear Data
  • Change Size display , Set size device display model
  • Auto change SSH , Vip72
  • Change Web browser , User agent 
  • License Forever , unlimited

Unlimited License

    Download Here BS super changer full :

    How to use :


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