Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Get New Adbmob Blackhat Script V2 (Bugs Fixed)

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 Get New Adbmob Blackhat Script V2 (Bugs Fixed)

Get New Adbmob Blackhat Script V2 (Bugs Fixed) - Hello Guys,Remember that i have shared admob blackhat script on last post. SomeOne tell me that the script not work anymore , Now i have updated it with new version with little different with old script. With this new script u still need traffic bot or traffic exchange to execute the script. Okay, now i will share it to you for free. I always upload my blackhat scripts on sharecash and you must do a simple survey to download all my scripts. But dont worry,since file uploaded on sharecash are 100% real file.. so you will get the script and it will support me to share another great scripts on this blog ;) .

Okay, Now follow the Steps :

1. First you must download these file HERE (UPDATED LINK)

2. After you downloaded the script then change the file extension to .php file (index.php and anu.php)
3. Upload all of the script to your server root or make new folder and upload it there (same steps like old script)
4. Now edit index.php and change with your domain
5. Then Edit anu.php and Change "Client" with your admob pub id and "slotname" with your adunit id. see picture below
Get New Adbmob Blackhat Script V2 (Bugs Fixed)

6. Now execute or with traffic bot and see the magic work :D

7. Done!!

Okay,that's all for today.. don't hestitate to ask me question if you get problems .. and it would be nice if you share your results here at the comment form.. and if you have some request or idea to make great script just mention it below.. lets see if i can make it for u.. :)
Thanks for reading.. dont forget bookmark Blackhat Script Master to get new updated blackhat script :)

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