Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Facebook Multi Poster Cracked ( Auto post Group , FanPage , Up poster , up coment , Spam inbox, spam wall .....)

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Facebook Multi Poster 

Description : 
  • Group : Auto post groups , up comments , auto up images , spam wall  
  • Auto share post , album images , video , link website....
  • Auto post Fanpage , up comment , spam comment with link , images , contents...
  • Auto join Group , auto join Page ....
  • Invite Fiends , auto add new friends , Auto spam inbox message
  • Auto Like , auto login , Login Multi Accounts....
  • Graph Search , Anti block account
  • License Full PC , License forever ( 999999 days )

How to use
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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

BS Changer v1.2 ( Change all bluestack )

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BS Changer v1.2

  • Change GUID ID ( IMEI , Serial , Mac , Device ID..)
  • Change Android ID , Device Model , Google advertising ID
  • Set country location ,Change Carrier Name ,Change Timezone 
  • Wipe data & Uninstall app , Clear Data
  • Restart

Download Free BS Changer v1.2 here

Tutorial crack and How to use :

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Earn Money Fast With Admob Blackhat Script

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Admob Blackhat Script - hello guys.. today im gonna share to you How to Earn easy Money from Admob without having android applications. yahh.. this is Blackhat method,So if you dont like Blackhat just leave this post :)


admob blackkhat script

Now checkout how this script make me money :

As u can see, i can earn more than $2000 only in 2 weeks!!! i used a simple blackhat script with cronjob function. why cronjob? yah.. because its more efficient as we dont need vps to execute the script :)

Okay.. because i'm happy now,i will share the script for u.. just download the script on the link bellow..

download admob blackhat script here

How to Use the Script?

- Download the script and Rename "admobscript.txt" to "admobscript.php" or "index.php"
- then make a folder on your cpanel. ex : "admob" . and upload the script there
- Change "$pub" with your admob pub-id and "$adunit" with your admob ads unit id.
- Test the script by visiting  (if you renamed the script to index.php)
- Now set the cronjob to make this script run on Autopilot by using cronjob command "php -q /home/cpaneluser/public_html/admob/index.php" (Change cpanel user with yours) then set cronjob to execute every 5 minutes every days.
- Done!!

Thanks For reading my blog about Earn Money Fast With Admob Blackhat Script . if you have a trouble or question just leave it at the comment!! Thank you!!!

Remember!! Dont earn to much per days.. be invisible!! ;)
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